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What Makes Our Curriculum Unique

  • With the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, people have been challenged to rethink the way they do their jobs and live their lives. Upon hearing the news that all public education lessons and events would be canceled as a result of COVID-19, Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue's Public Education Team chose to be innovative and create interactive lessons for educators to use to supplement their teaching.
  • All of the lessons have been created using a three pronged approach. Each lesson:
    • Meets state teaching standards for students in 2nd - 5th grade.
    • Delivers a fire or life safety message.
    • Highlights the diverse roles of our firefighters and team members.
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The Science of Fire
Join us as we teach the science concepts of fire.
Fire Engine Math
This lesson reviews addition, subtraction, multiplication, and measurement concepts as it relates to fighting fires. Also join us on a virtual tour of a fire engine as one of our firefighters discusses how math applies to fighting a fire!
Firefighter Chemistry
It's time for experiments! Learn about acids, bases, and pH while firefighters from our county HAZMAT team discuss chemistry and how it helps them protect citizens from hazardous materials.
Mechanical Advantage
This lesson teaches you about how firefighters use physical science concepts during rescues! Be sure to have a 3-4 foot rope while watching the lesson for hands-on learning!.
Join members of our Water Rescue Team to learn about science and math concepts related to buoyancy! The team will conduct experiments during the lesson.
Fire Safety Superhero
It's time for experiments! Learn about acids, bases, and pH while firefighters from our county HAZMAT team discuss chemistry and how it helps them protect citizens from hazardous materials.
How the Heart Works
Join us for a science lesson on the heart! Learn about the circulatory system, the heart, and how you can help in a heart emergency!
Firehouse Cooking
This lesson focuses on nutrition, reviewing math skills, learning how to make a yummy recipe, and how firefighters stay safe in the kitchen.
Maps in Emergencies
Know where you stand wherever you are! Join us as we teach about roadways, directions, and mapping in emergencies!
This lesson teaches on the impact wildfires have on ecosystems. There will be science experiments and a wildland firefighter equipment tour.
Firefighter PE
Join us for a PE class with your firefighters. Learn how firefighters use fitness to do their jobs. Wear active clothes so you can participate in our workout. If you have a broom and a gallon jug, bring that to "class" too!!
Feel the Beat
Snohomish County Pipes and Drums joins us to teach on the history and tradition of music in the fire service, different instruments in the band, and they will teach about tempo and pitch. Bring a bucket and a wooden spoon for some music fun with the band!
So You Want to Be a Firefighter
This lesson focuses on steps to take to pursue firefighting as a career.
Fun with Flags
Join member of the Honor Guard as they teach a Social Studies lesson about Veteran’s Day, Flags, Community Helpers, Service, Pedestrian Safety, and their role in the Fire Service.
Toys vs. Tools
“In this SAFETY lesson, learn about Toys vs. Tools, Smoke Detectors, and Firefighter Turnout Gear.”
Disaster Preparedness
In this SAFETY lesson, learn about disasters, emergencies, and hazards. Find out the different ways you can be prepared!
The Heart & How to Help It
“Join us for our upper-level science lesson on the heart! Learn about the anatomy of the heart, how it pumps blood, and how you can respond to different heart emergencies by using the three C’s, CPR, and an AED.”