Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue

Divisions, Training

It is our mission to provide continuous training, education, and career development for our personnel to provide the highest level of service to our citizens. Highly developed training also allows our firefighters to respond and return safely from every alarm. We will strive always to be progressive, and to share our training with neighboring jurisdictions. The Training Division endeavors to facilitate the following:

  • Develop an approach for succession planning to ensure transfer of knowledge and skill development.

It is the goal of the Training Division to develop training that meets current standards as set forth by governing bodies, and the leadership of Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue. The Training Division will update as necessary to reflect current standards as defined above. The Training Division recognizes the need to keep the material presented to our customers fresh and interesting; updating current training will help us meet this goal.

  • Adapt entry-level training to meet the diverse needs and background of the workforce.

In order to keep training fresh and current, the training division will diligently pursuing partnerships with other organizations. These organizations include not only other fire service agencies, but include agencies such as child protective services, law enforcement, Puget Sound Energy etc.

  • Develop and provide resources for internal career development while also seeking talent outside the organization to ensure competition and excellence.

The Training Division recognizes that regular review of our training plan is important. It is the goal of the training division to look at the long term 10 year training plan on a yearly basis and make adjustments to our plans as necessary.

If you have any training questions please contact Captain Brett Fetcho at