The Palm Beach Hounds founded in 1979 is a private group of riders dedicated to enjoying the traditions of fox hunting in South Florida. We have hunts, hunter paces, and cub primarily in Palm Beach & Martin Counties, in addition to Okeechobee & St. Lucie Counties.Recognized in 1984 by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America (MFHA), the Palm Beach Hounds is an active member. Membership in the Palm Beach Hounds is at the discretion of the Master. To learn more about us, simply make use of the links on this website.


Glossary of Hunt Terms

A fox has “gone away” when he has left covert.  Hounds are “away” when they have left covert on the “line” of a fox.

To give tongue on a scent other than a fox or no scent at all, or on a scent too faint to follow.

A fox’s tail.

To receive, or be awarded the “button,” is to be given the right to wear the Hunt button or colors.

To “pass the hat” among the field.  Visitors may cap or asked to pay a “capping fee.”

A planned move in searching for a lost “line.”  To make a “cast.”  Hounds may “cast” themselves, or the Huntsman may “cast” them.

An interruption of the run caused by hounds losing the “line.”  Hounds may “check” when they lose the “line” temporarily.

The distinctive colors that distinguish the uniform of one Hunt from another.  Usually, a distinctive color on a collar on a scarlet coat.  To be awarded or given the “colors” is to be given the right to wear them and the Hunt “button.”

Two hounds (any gender), for convenience in counting.  A device for keeping two hounds attached to each other for convenience in control or training.  To attach two hounds together by use of couples.

(pronounced cover) A patch of woods or brush where a fox might be found.

The sound given by hounds when hunting.

This is a young fox.

(a.k.a. Cubhunting) The early hunting before the formal season.  Hounds are encouraged to stay in “covert,” foxes that go away being permitted to do so in peace, if practical.  This gets cubs in the habit of running straight, rather than circling in “covert.”

To search for a fox in a certain area.  The act of “drawing.”  To select and separate a hound or a group of hounds in kennels for a particular purpose.

A hound is “entered” when he is regularly used for hunting.

The group of people riding to the hounds, excluding the MFH and Staff.

Field Master
The person designated by the MFH to control the field.

The time and place of the Meet, or assembly of the Hunt.  A “fixture card” is sent out to list the “fixtures” for a given period.

Hold Hard
This means “stop please.”

The person who controls the hounds.

The trail of the fox.

The MFH (Master of Foxhounds) is the person in command of the Hunt in field and kennels.

A hound is said to “open” when he first gives tongue on a “line.”

Informal hunting attire, correct for “Cubbing.”

Anything that hounds might hunt that they shouldn’t.

The Huntsman and Whippers-In.

See or sight of the fox.

A contraction of beware.  Someone may say “ware staff!”  That would mean, “Get out of the way, a member of Staff is trying to get by or “ware hole” that would mean, “Watch out for the hole!”